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What Doctors Say about Biomedis Trinity

Biomedis Trinity Best Bioresonance device

I started learning about Bioresonance in 2016, followed by the purchase of Biomedis Trinity later that year. I obtained a certificate in Bioresonance therapy in Kyiv in 2019, led by a medical doctor who specialises in Bioresonance.

Many doctors in Russia use this technology, and one doctor who impressed me the most with her experience in the field of Bioresonance is Elena Zelenskaya.

She’s an allergologist, immunologist, dermatologist, and well-regarded and respected doctor of high calibre. She’s an advisor to the president of Biomedis company.

Dr Zelenskaya consults people daily from all over the world and generously shares her knowledge.

Below is an extract of her speech that I’ve translated from the Bioresonance seminar in Russia. She tuned in from Thailand to give a short 10 mins presentation.

After a short greeting and expression of gratitude, Dr Zelenskaya spoke about the significance of Biomedis Trinity in everyday life.

“I believe Bioresonance is the most effective, safest and easiest way to live healthy, to be creative, enjoy life and develop ourselves.

Biomedis Trinity is the invention of the 22nd century

We haven’t yet discovered all the possibilities that Biomedis Trinity has to offer. It’s the invention of the 22nd century.

I do not doubt that you’ll research other Bioresonance technologies on the market today. I urge you to pay close attention to Biomedis Trinity because it’s different and unique.

Why is it so unique to me?
It’s for Psychosomatic correction. It’s something truly remarkable. Two hundred three complexes loaded onto the Biomedis Trinity device have been created from a combined experience and knowledge of doctors. Biomedis Trinity acts as first aid in all eventualities and therapy in everyday life.

In the second mode due to the simultaneous operation of the three emitters in the device, the healthy vibration frequencies enter the body on all three levels! They resonate with all body systems and stimulate them to work for self-healing.
Due to the element of self-healing, for infections, for the restoration of functioning of organs and systems, faster therapy results occur.

Synchronisation of all systems in Super Program 3

But there is also an exciting “Super program 3” that works in the third mode.

In every organism, one pathology has already manifested itself or will manifest itself in the near future. Because of our environment, we develop inflammatory reactions and chronic inflammation.
Super program 3 in the third mode uses Multifrequency synchronisation by the method of structural resonance therapy. It means that it uses a multi-frequency signal.

Our body consists of systems where each system has its individual level of resonance. Super program 3 acts on all of the systems at the same time.

If you have a respiratory condition, fever, flu or cold or any other inflammatory disease, use this program before using any specific complex for that condition.
Super program 3 kick starts the energy flow, synchronises it in all of the systems and speeds up the effects of self-healing.

The program is just over an hour long. I advise you to use it once a day for at least a month to complete the course. However, you’ll see the results immediately. You’ll feel anti-inflammatory and healing effects.

Alpha Rhythm harmonises the Brain and improves Memory

My other favourite programs are Alpha Rythm programs. It’s essential to harmonise brain function; therefore, Alpha Rythm programs do just that. There’re four Alpha Rythm programs: restoration, relaxation, comfort and general Alpha Rythm program.

According to research, within one minute of using Alpha Rythm programs, the brain processes get activated by 80%. It regenerates the brain and improves memory.
These programs use a 10Hz frequency that helps restore memory.

I have patients in their 30s, and their memory is already impaired due to stress. I recommend using Alpha programs, then taking a 10 min break and using the cerebral program.

Programs in mode 4 improve creative potential.
When there’s not enough Alpha rhythm, people develop tendencies to alcohol, nicotine, and drug addiction and become overweight.

If you want to recommend Biomedis Trinity to someone who’s never heard about Bioresonance technology, offer them to find a quiet place and try the Alpha Relax Rythm program.
Once they feel better, become more relaxed, and experience joy and happiness with the Alpha Rythm program, they’ll start researching and learning about Bioresonance.

Biomedis Trinity is your first aid

Biomedis Trinity acts as first aid. We’ve seen many cases of how it saved people’s lives. It helps with high fever, asthma attacks and similar conditions and as standard therapy to maintain health and youthful appearance.

When you detox your body, when infections that bothered you since childhood leave, you’ll have a different state of health and vibrate on a different frequency, you’ll attract successful people, and in this state, we can do many important things on earth.

You can test this technology in mode four with Electroencephalography by doing a scan before and after running any Alpha Rythm program in mode four for twenty minutes.
You’ll see how your brain rhythm will normalise after just 20 minutes.

Use Biomedis Trinity daily, stay healthy and be happy.”

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