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Waking Up In 5D

Waking up in 5D

It’s coming up to nearly two years since we’ve been witnessing thousands of souls leaving the earth. Those who remain in 3D consciousness do not disappear from our 4-5D earth reality.
We all remain visible to each other, and we all find ourselves on the same playing field. It looks more like three separate realities coexist in the same space. They are all currently available to us, and we can be in our different states in one reality then in another. This is normal for the transition process. If you are not familiar with dimensions of consciousness, read my blog post “Dimensions of Consciousness and of the Physical World”.

Most people live between 3D and 4D with its swings and kickbacks.

The third density of consciousness will play to the end. It will be conditionally witnessed by those of us who have gone beyond the limits of the 3D consciousness, as the fall of the old world and its mentality.

Those stuck in 3D consciousness will not just witness this fall. They will directly experience this with its many associated calamities.

At the same time, those who have transcended 3D consciousness will experience the birth of a beautiful new world, and the worst of all trials will pass them by. But this does not mean that you will not move on with your lessons. It’s just that your game has expanded.

How Does it Feel to Live in 3D?

For some time, you live your life in harmony, and you feel balanced inside. That’s 4D. But when the universe delivers you a lesson, a turbulent situation, a test, you get involved in a particular scenario. You exhaust all your energy resources and ‘Hello 3D reality!”

To make it easier to overcome difficult situations is essential to maintain your body and mind. Because when the body and mind are in balance, the brain uses new neural connections and is less likely to slide down the old ‘cortisol path’.

If you feel tired all the time, sleep little, work a lot, and so on, then you are in 3D reality – the rat race accompanied by imbalance. Everyone is familiar with this reality since we, our parents and grandparents, lived in this reality for a very long time.

I have developed the E.N.E.R.G.Y. Formula, which is the foundation for energy balance, and you can download it for FREE:
It’s the essential tool when transitioning from 3D to 4D and above.

Characteristics of 3D Level of Play are as follows:
1. Material possessions.
2. Programs designed to meet the basic needs of food, safety, communication and reproduction.
3. Duality – dividing everything into bad and good.
4. Fight. The constant tension of the body and psyche.
5. Automatic reactions to events.
6. Consciousness is almost always asleep.
7. The heart chakra is closed.

To relieve tension, players on this level often get addicted to alcohol, drugs, computer games, social media and excessive use of sugar.
Our environment offers easy access to temptations, and distractions don’t require much effort. However, they are there to keep us stuck in 3D.

4D Reality – The Divine Game
4D reality is about balance. To access 4D, the level of the divine game, requires the ability to maintain internal energy balance. It means adopting neutrality in any situation, looking at everything from the perspective of an observer.
Practising this skill develops exceptional mindfulness and awareness. To achieve it, you must first increase your energy resources and raise your vibration.
4D model of reality is a transitional reality between 3D and 5D. At this level, there is an active release from low frequencies of energy present in the body.

Characteristics of 4D Reality
1. There’s no duality. We understand that everything is neither good nor bad. Everything has two sides, and generally, it’s neutral.
2. A reality inside another reality. We create our reality. We create events from our inner vibrational state, awareness and focused attention.
3. Inner balance. We are almost always in a state of calm. Happiness resonates from the heart with a feeling of warmth in the chest area. We look at everything with love.
4. Heart chakra is almost always open.
5. Mindfulness. We choose our reactions to events instead
of responding automatically.
6. Non-linear time. If we are in a hurry, time also accelerates, and if we
slow down, we can stretch time, making it in time every time. We can control time by adjusting our frequency.
7. There are rollbacks into 3D when consciousness falls asleep.
8. Body transformation. We are making healthy food choices, and our bodies become light.
9. Self-sufficiency. Balance of material and spiritual aspects. We are engaged in activities that bring satisfaction on our soul level, and
material reward is a bonus for our work.
10. Quick manifestation of images and thoughts.
Whether bad or good, it makes no difference when we focus our attention and experience intense emotions, things manifest quickly in the material world.
11. We start to shine the light.
Transmitting capacity and ability to raise vibration increases, and the inner light provokes in other people the release from negative,
low-frequency emotions.
Therefore often, we receive an inadequate response to a
smile or kind words.
Advice – shine silently.

5D Reality – Ascension
On this level of the game, sleeping sequences of D.N.A. get activated, and the light body starts to form.
Our vehicles get ready for the transition of consciousness to 6D and 7D.

Characteristics of 5D Reality
1. Clairvoyance. We find answers to questions within ourselves. We have a strong bond with our spirit.
2. Creator. In 3D, we are players rearranged on the playing field. In 4D, we are already aware of our roles as players, and in 5D, we create any game we want to play.
3. We experience changes in the physical body. We are capable of antiaging management, cellular meta-programming and telepathy.
4. Teleportation.
5. Heart chakra is always open.
6. Enlightenment. The state of our being is ‘I am.’

You can determine on what level you are by looking at your life from the outside.
Ask yourself three simple questions:
What am I thinking?
What am I feeling?
Where am I going in life?
The answers will show you if you are in 3D, 4D or 5D.

I help my clients accelerate transitioning from 3D to 4D and 5D by actively releasing low frequency energy present in the body, removing blockages, opening and activating chakras, balancing energy, and raising vibration. I offer FREE energy consultation, click HERE to access my diary and book a session.


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