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Vibrational Medicine Is More Powerful Than Drugs

frequency of organs

Scientists and researches such as Nikola Tesla, Dr. Royal R. Rife, Dr. Hulde Clark and Dr. Lakovsky have proven that absolutely every living thing (including micro-organisms) emit electromagnetic signals.

The frequency range emitted by a person ranges from 1520 to 9460 Khz, and pathogens (fungus, viruses, bacteria, worms, ticks) have a frequency range of 30-900 kHz.

In humans, the primary sources of electrical and electromagnetic signals are various activities in the body: muscle movement, neural activity and metabolism.

On the other hand many micro-organisms such as protozoa, a number of intestinal parasites, fungi, bacteria and viruses don’t have nervous and muscular systems, therefore the source of their electric and electromagnetic activity is their metabolic processes.

Metabolism is what distinguishes the “living” nature from the “non-living”. The movement of any charged particle creates a magnetic field around it; the accumulation of charged particles creates the electric charge. It allows treatments and prevention using non-traditional and non-invasive Bioresonance therapy methods.

When the body is in balance, systems and organs work in harmony, i.e. they are synchronised. During stress or illness, the balance is disrupted, and so is synchronisation of the organs and systems.

Bioresonance therapy (BRT) represents a therapy of electromagnetic oscillations; body’s structures come into resonance with them. Bioresonance can be applied on different levels: cellular, the level of an organ, body system and the whole body using various frequency wave parameters.

In the 1930’s one of the greatest scientific geniuses of all times Royal R. Rife isolated cancer virus with the invention of the powerful microscope and his unique “colour frequency” staining method. His microscope had a magnification power of 17,000 times, compared with 2,000-2,500 times of the ordinary microscope.

He identified and classified disease-causing microorganisms in a unique way including their exact Mortal Oscillatory Rate – the precise frequency that “blew them up”.

A successful cancer clinic conducted in 1934 in California produced results showing that cancer was caused by a micro-organism that “could be painlessly destroyed in terminally ill cancer patients, and that the effects of the disease could be reversed”.

However, the cancer cure was a threat to many scientists, physicians and financial interests. The treatment was labeled a “myth”, most of the documents destroyed or confiscated as if it never happened. However, reports are now available to prove that the cure did exist.

In the late 1940’s the German doctor Reinhard Voll has discovered energetic links between meridian points, tissues, organs and teeth and detected additional points and new meridians outside the classic Chinese meridian system.

An energetic testing system was called Electro puncture and is still used widely in Europe today.

In 1970’s his student Dr Franz Morell together with his son in law Erich Rasche, an electrical engineer built the device that picked up information from the body. It was named the Mora. The data was inverted inside the machine and fed back to the body. With great results that led to a new method of treatment using electromagnetic oscillations the Mora device was improved, and a new method was called Bioresonance therapy.

Bioresonance (bio information) is resonance in biological systems through the transmission of information.

Numerous doctors and non-medical practitioners have advanced this method further.

Bioresonance devices such as Bicom and RPZ14 Plazma generator are now being manufactured and marketed by several different companies.

In 1991 Dr Peter Schumacher published a study on biophysical allergy therapy that used Bioresonance. His approach was improved further by Dr Th. Klein and Dr P. Schweitzer to achieve more effective results with allergy therapy.

In the 1990’s the German doctor G.L Rummel has successfully treated over 20,000 patients who suffered from various allergies.

The cause of severe chronic diseases such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, arthritis, cancer etc is far from obvious, but there is a point of view that dormant parasitic infections are the main factor in the pathogenesis infection.

Latent parasitic infection does not manifest itself clearly, and therefore it remains out of sight of doctors or infectious disease specialists. The essence of this approach was described in the works of the renowned scientist and clinician Hulda Regher Clark. The main points of her work were confirmed by clinical trials accumulated in the US and Germany, including with the participation of independent experts from Germany, such as M.Keymer, A.E.Baklayan, etc.

It’s possible to kill parasites by introducing them into the middle of their frequency range for 3-5 minutes.

The Bioresonance therapy treats the issues by focusing on bringing the body back to a natural state of homeostasis and initiating the natural detoxification process. A therapist focuses on root causes and imbalances, which cause symptoms.

Bioresonance can help alleviate symptomatic issues such as asthma and arthritis by resolving the root causes. It acts as a prevention for many illnesses.


I’ve had an interesting experience in 2017,  travelling to Kiev, Ukraine, studying and completing a certificate in Bioresonance Therapy where I’ve met Russian doctors who specialise in Bioresonance Therapy.

I’ve been using a number of Bioresonance therapy devices: Breon, Trinity and Bris. The most compact and practical device that I offer to my clients is Biomedis “Trinity”. The device is aimed at delivering electromagnetic correction for increasing bodily resources for detoxification and harmonization. Visit for detailed information about the device.
My favourite programs are:
“morning freshness” – it helps me get out of bed on the dark winter mornings.
“good student” – it improves my focus when I need to get something done fast.
“corona virus prevention” – I use this program when I travel or when I feel run down, as a preventative measure.
“theta waves” – helps me relax and unwind in the evening.

This advanced and effective wellness technology enhances body functions and systems and prevents premature ageing. It’s used for disease prevention, anti-ageing and detox. It keeps body in balance to prevent disease, maintains natural balance and detoxifies the body. It’s lightweight, easy to carry and it can be used in 7 languages: English, German, Italian, French, Russian, Lithuanian and Greek. Trinity comes with over 200 ready-made programs and it’s possible to create custom made complexes using its software that can be easily installed on a computer.

Bioresonance Therapy is one of many Vibrational Medicine “technologies” and I believe it’s the future of medicine.


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