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The Difference Between Physical And Spiritual Energies

spiritual and physical energies

Last Monday morning I have created a new welcome post for the new members of my Facebook group. You are welcome to come and join us here.

In answer to the question upon joining: “what are your energy levels”, one of the new members asked if I was referring to physical or spiritual energy.

I asked members of my group if they thought there was a difference between the two.
I was pleased to see that everyone had a good idea, and most were pretty confident in their answers. Here’re a few of the answers:

“Physical energy is ability and strength to do active physical things.
Spiritual energy is your passion, motivation or consciousness” ~Mark

“The frequency. It’s all part of the Oneness. Material particles that take up mass in space and time are energies vibrating at lower frequencies than light speed, and than gratitude, love, abundance. We are all part of an infinite ONENESS, that only appears to individuate over linear time when it’s slowed down enough” ~Nini

“They work well together. Enhancing each other. Supporting each other.” Rima

This topic is worth expanding on. I hope you will enjoy it.

Energy Balance

Everything is energy and when we talk about energy we should always come back to Yin / Yang – harmony and balance.
Yin / Yang is a concept that originated in China in the 3rd Century BCE. It describes two complementary forces that make up all aspects and phenomena of life. Yin is associated with darkness, depth, weakness, submission, intuition and femininity. Yang is associated with lightness, warmth, summer, aggression, rational thought and masculinity.

This ancient symbol of harmony and balance challenges the conventional association of light with good and darkness with evil.
No one side is better than the other, all of those things are needed. They’re all part of the flow of the universe. They’re all part of each of us.

In my E.N.E.R.G.Y. Formula, “Yin / Yang”, is at the top. Your two halves, your physical and spiritual energies are a mixture of  Yin/Yang that combines and forms YOU, a complete person.
You can download the formula here. It is the foundation for a balanced life, and it’s essential for your physical and spiritual development.

In the western world, we say that we are Body, Mind, and Spirit. Each aspect is separate from the other and yet connected.

Taoists look at our nature as physical – matter, energy – fire, where the fuel we burn is food and the reaction process – where we breathe to oxidize and stoke the fire.

So our very nature is a Yin / Yang mixture of Matter and Energy. We can shift the balance between these two halves of our nature accordingly.

Mark said:
“Physical energy is ability and strength to do active physical things.
Spiritual energy is your passion, motivation or consciousness”

Let’s expand on that.

Spiritual Energy

Since everything is energy and since you are a spiritual being in the physical body, how does your spiritual energy interchange with the physical?

Spiritual energy manifests as consciousness, gratitude, love, joy, happiness, purpose, knowing, guiding, going with a flow, being aware, being mindful, enjoying, being enthusiastic, motivated, keeping balance and so on. And this is part of your individual will to make things happen, to create your reality.

For example: by knowing your limits, using your energy reserves sensibly, not overdoing, not pushing yourself too far, keeping balance, as well as being aware of your mind and body, you can achieve Yin / Yang, energy balance.

Pushing your limits can be a good thing as it leads to personal and physical growth but knowing when and how far to push yourself comes down to your inner work. Going too far skews your balance.

Nini said: “Material particles that take up mass in space and time are energies vibrating at lower frequencies than light speed, and than gratitude, love, abundance.”

When we talk about physical and spiritual energies we should always keep the frequency of the source in mind. Spirit is eternal, it has never been born, it will never die. The fact that the spirit is within your physical body, doesn’t change its nature. Spiritual energy has a much higher frequency than physical, which originates in the lower density of the physical world.

If you want to develop your spiritual energy you can embark on the journey of spiritual development. This is a topic for another time but if you come and join our group here, you’ll be able to mingle with like-minded people who are into healthy living, personal growth and spiritual development.

Now, let’s talk about physical energy and how they are both interconnected in the end.

Physical Energy

We can describe Physical energy as energy reserves in the body. It can also be called fitness or physical work capacity. That’s the energy that everyone is familiar with.
Your maximal aerobic power is considered to be the best single indicator of your body’s energy since it involves the optimal ability of many parts of your body to transport and use oxygen.
This is an index of the maximal ability of your cardiovascular-respiratory system to pick up and transport oxygen to the muscles, plus the ability of the muscles to use the oxygen that has been delivered.

Therefore, the higher your maximal aerobic power (maximal oxygen intake), the greater are the energy reserves in your body.
You can measure your maximal aerobic power in the laboratory equipped with all the necessary equipment and personnel.

If you want to build your physical energy, it helps to understand the types and sources of energy and how your body produces and uses them.

How does the body produce energy?

The energy you use for the functioning of every cell in your body is produced by chemical reactions. These reactions are either aerobic (with oxygen) or anaerobic (without oxygen).
The three basic materials your body uses are oxygen, carbohydrates (sugars and starches), and fat. Since we live in a sea of oxygen, an adequate supply is generally not a problem. With food, you replenish the other raw materials that you need.
The body doesn’t directly use protein as raw material for energy production. Instead, it uses it for most of the structural components of cells and enzymes that control different chemical reactions at the cellular level.
If you eat more protein than your body needs, it will convert the excess into fat or carbohydrate.

Energy stores after eating

After eating, fats and carbohydrates are broken down in the digestive system.
Complex fats are digested and reduced to simpler fatty acids.
In general, all the carbohydrates are converted to glucose, a simple sugar.

Fatty acids and glucose are then released into the bloodstream and transported to all body parts to fill the stockpiles in various tissues.

Glucose is then carried to the liver, converted to glycogen (another simple sugar), and stored for later use when no more glucose is released from the digestive tract.

Fats are stored in fat cells throughout the body, to be used during periods of the day when you are not eating. Fat is the major reservoir of potential energy.

Glucose is also stored as glycogen in muscle to be used during exercise or when an insufficient amount of glucose is transported to the muscle through the blood.

Once the liver, muscle, and other body tissues have replenished their stocks of glycogen, any excess glucose is converted to fat and stored in fat cells.

During periods of fasting, when fats or carbs are no longer being released from the digestive system, your body begins to use stockpiles of fat and glycogen to produce energy.

Since the amount of energy you need at rest is so small, you don’t take in much oxygen, and the energy required is easily produced by the aerobic system (with oxygen).

However, when you increase the amount of work, the situation changes. On the way to your maximum, the aerobic production of energy will be inadequate to cover the energy demands completely. Your body will gradually shift gears to produce energy faster, over to the anaerobic system. Most sporting activities require both aerobic and anaerobic productions of energy.

How are physical and spiritual energies linked?

If your physical energy is high, you’ll have the strength to be active and do physical things, as Mark said.
If you are also spiritually developed and know how to develop and use your will, you’ll not only have the strength to be active and do physical things but you’ll use your will and do it with passion and purpose, be motivated, grateful, enjoy and be happy.

As Rima said: “They work well together. Enhancing each other. Supporting each other.”


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