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Say STOP to Anxiety and Depression

It was afternoon, on the 5th of May, in the midsts of the first lock down. The frequency of uncertainty and fear was hovering over London. Focusing on positive vibes, I was attending as many zoom meetings as I could hosted by Brand Builders and that morning I was late for the first time to the zoom meeting “Empowering women”. As I pressed “join with a video” button on my screen,  I saw four lovely ladies and within two minutes one of the ladies, Tracey Harrowven, started reciting a poem. It was the poem from her new book “Heart and Soul Poems”. When she finished her poem, there was a minute of silence, everyone one of us connected with the words in Tracey’s poem and felt quite emotional.

I love poems, when I was growing up in Lithuania I used to write poems and short stories. So, I asked Tracey if I could share her poem on our blog and she agreed.

If you are going through a hard time right know, especially during the second lock down, as I write this blog post, it will resonate with you. I hope it will give you encouragement and remind you that we are all in this together and we’re here to encourage and support you.

Have you ever had depression, anxiety and more,

Staying in your four walls, never walking out the door.

Everyday your thoughts and heart, seem to want to fight,

And nothing that you say or do can help you see the light.

I know, for I have been there, in that deep dark place,

But changing my thoughts and actions have put a smile upon my face.

I’ve learnt that your mind is a powerful thing,

By changing your thoughts, look what it can bring.

Start each day by thinking of a place that you adore,

Shut your eyes and visualise, there is so much more.

Relax and look within yourself, what do you see?

You’ll notice that that person is really me.

Little steps and goals you make each and every day,

Will help you to discover and help you on your way.

I know it won’t be easy, but you can change your life,

Look for support and happiness and ask for advice.

Lots of things will happen, when you take the very first step,

Even if you open the door and walk out with your pet.

Open your heart, inner soul and mind,

You’ll realise its not a great mountain you have to climb.

They say that Rome wasn’t built in a day,

So, rebuild your life in that same way.

I’m living proof you can make it through,

A step at a time, believing in things that you do.

Nurturing myself and empowering my mind,

I now have the life of the happiest kind.


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