Scale prevention and appliance life extension system for home


A magnetic system device that saves on utility bills, prevents the formation of scale (e.g. kettle), provides protection and prolongs life of all home appliances.

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Operating principle

After installing the mortise magnet, water passes through a certain magnetic field created by permanent magnets. At the same time, under the influence of Lorentz force, water molecules begin to make oscillatory movements. The magnetic field of definitely located magnets causes resonance of water dipoles, which leads to separation of water molecules from micro inclusions (clathrates).

Since the energy of hydrogen bonds is small, the magnetic field destroys them, and the particle enclosed in a cluster of water is released and interacts with other particles of impurities contained in water, with the so-called microcrystals. The process is avalanche-like – new calcium ions are attached to the already landed.

Microcrystals remain in the water column and are carried by the flow of water into the drainage. Moreover, calcium ions, which have already fallen out of scale, begin to come off and join the newly formed microcrystals. Over time, the old scale is loosened and almost all is washed out from the surface of the heating elements.

Main action:

  • water structuring;
  • reduction of surface tension and fluid viscosity;
  • anti-scale, anticorrosive preparation of water;
  • a significant increase in the service life of equipment;
  • reduction of power consumption for equipment;
  • for washing machines: saving of powder by 20-30%, preserving linen;
  • for gas boilers: gas saving up to 5%, better gas burning.

Main advantages:

  • does not use electricity;
  • does not require chemical reagents for work;
  • does not require maintenance;
  • long service life (7 years or more);
  • environmentally friendly.

User instructions

For efficient operation, the system is attached with two plastic clamps to the pipe at a distance of no more than 2.5 meters from the heating element.


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Material from which the body is made


The size of the shell applied magnetic

65 х 55 х 25 (mm)


300 g

Working temperature

from -30 ° to 90 ° С

Working hours

from 5 years and more


Depends on the pipe section

Magnetic induction

up to 1200 Gaus

Remoteness from the heating element

no more than 2.5 meters

Connection, type of pipes

metal, plastic

Pipe connection

plastic ties

Pipe size

from D-6 mm to D-22 mm