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Mystery Of Avebury Stone Circle

avebury stone circle

The most prominent and longest of the many Ley lines that cross England is St Michael’s Ley Line. It was observed by the great and legendary researcher John Michell in the 1960s and it plots numerous sites dedicated to St. Michael. It runs in a straight line between Land’s End, England’s south western extremity and Hopton-On-Sea, on the Norfolk coast. St Michael’s Ley passes through the prehistoric sites such as Stonehenge, Marden Henge, St Michael’s Mount, The Hurler’s Stone Circle, Glastonbury Tor (St Michael’s church), Avebury Henge, Pitstone Church (The church of St Mary) and numerous other significant sites either named after St Michael or St George, both dragon slaying saints.
It is said in the bible that Michael (Mi-ka-el), originated when Lucifer (the fallen angel) compared himself to God. Another angel stood before him and shouted “Who is like God!?” which in Hebrew translates as “Mi-ka-el”, after which he became known as Michael.

In the 1980s Hamish Miller and Paul Broadhurst dowsed two energy currents/telluric lines that weave and entwine like serpents around the Ley line, they don’t precisely follow the line, but they intersect at major points along the line. Effectively these two lines are like yin and yang, positive and negative, male and female thus it was called the St. Michael and Mary line. This is exactly the same as the representation of kundalini energy rising through the body, the Caduceus symbol and the Egyptian winged disk.
Metaphorically speaking the dragon slaying saint would have been an English druid/pagan priest, an ‘Adder’, named after the English snake, as the initiated mystical scientist would have to know how to tame and utilise the dragon/serpent energy for ceremonies.

At the major points/nodes along the line these ancient stone sites like Avebury appear to behave like macro circuits on the landscape absorbing and releasing the electromagnetic energy of the earth and the sun. Charging during the day as the sun rises and releasing at night as the sun sets. This idea of macro circuits as opposed to micro curcuits in electronics, was put forward  by Michael Tellinger. He observed that ancient sites such as the Egyptian pyramids were created with crystalline structures and water features to naturally charge with earth energies that are subtly maintained by the structures to enable the practitioner to use them for healing or enlightenment when they are put into a higher state beyond their normal 5 senses. In principle it is the same as how sound energy is enhanced and reverberated in older churches, to enable a group to achieve spiritual ecstasy. This understanding of sound energy came from the knowledge found by the Knight Templars at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem and was passed on through the Masonry guilds, hence the origin of masonry….another interesting article for another time perhaps.

At Avebury the stones have a high crystalline structure enabling them to channel and direct the telluric energies they absorb. Like any circular construction they will amplify and rotate the energy in a continuous circuit, just like an ordinary electric circuit does. Only now are we starting to reveal the subtle genius of their construction. The site has a mixture of ground that is high in minerals that is good for the conduction of electric and magnetic fields, and this is where the major stone circle stones are placed. Around them forming a barrier, is dryer ground, low in mineral content, that acts as an insulator. Thus channeling earth’s energy around the major circular stones and exiting through a head stone at the entrance to the circle.

This sophisticated Ley system also represents a model of the solar system, bringing heaven to earth. Astronomers agree that in 2700 B.C. the planets and stars would have aligned perfectly to reflect the stone placements at Stonehenge.

From the celestial records of the ancient world it is obvious that the people at Stonehenge were calculating the distances between the sacred energy sites and planets. They recreated these dimensions by setting stones in the ground on earth. Each sacred site represents a planet and its orbital path.

Our ancient ancestors did everything for a meaning, everything had a metaphysical and physical property in the ancient world of sacred sites. For instance, Stonehenge represents Saturn, with 30 lanterns going around it, representing 30 years cycle. It takes 30 years for Saturn to make one round of the zodiac and it’s called ‘Saturn return’.
Along the same Ley Line there’s another site called Marden Henge that represents Mars, Den is an old english word for settlement i.e. Marden is a settlement of Mars.
Moving up the Ley, The Sun and The Moon are represented by Avebury Henge which contains the largest megalitic stone circle in the world. Together with Stonehenge, Avebury and its surroundings are a World Heritage Site.

It’s almost impossible to visualise its layout unless you have an arial picture of the site. My drone did a great job as it circled the henge on this chilly but beautiful and sunny day, 31st of December 2020.
It was originally built and altered during Neolithic period between 2850 and 2200 BC and it consisted of 100 stones. A huge circular bank and ditch encircle the henge and part of Avebury village. The hedge consists of three stone circles; the large outer circle contains two smaller stone circles within it.
The site gives an impression of a landscape that was shaped for rituals but throughout the history it has been altered so much that we have to use our imagination and historical artefacts to imagine it in its full glory.

If you work with energy you will be able to sense the energy field right away. I was able to identify where the circle starts as the energy intensified the closer I got to the centre of the circle. Sensations such as tingling in my palms, fingertips, third eye and top of my head intensified as I got nearer to the centre. The healing effects were felt with intense pain in certain parts of the body that probably needed healing, pushing through the blockages. At some point it was really painful and I had to move away from the centre. I was working with the energy, moving in and out from the circle until I felt no more pain… The healing effects were quite obvious.

There were many people leaning against the stones. I felt the urge to hug the stones which indicates that my heart centre needed some healing.
Afterwards I felt very calm. The place felt very familiar as if I’ve been there before. I could have spent more time, meditating, healing and recharging but it was cold winter’s day and I had to leave.
After about fifteen minutes experimenting with the energies I felt uplifted and a surge of joy and happiness has come over me. I smiled the entire time, it was a very joyous experience.
I’d recommend to visit Avebury in the summer, when the weather is warm and spend entire day there as there’s much to explore. If you have dowsing rods you can experiment with the field and if you bring crystals you can charge them on the stones in the sun.
Sacred sites like Stonehenge and Avebury is the reminder that our ancestors were significantly more connected to the cycle of life than we are. They lived close to the earth, they heard and saw all of nature, and their artwork artefacts reflect this direct communication with Source.

I recommend to watch: ‘Ancient Civilizations – Hyperdimensional Geometry of Stonehenge’ – Gaia TV
Recomended book: ’Spirit Traveler’ by Sonja Grace, Unlocking Ancient Mysteries And Secrets Of Eight Of The World’s Great Historic Sites
Credit for the contribution to the article to Paul Gunn.


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