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Grounding Meditation

Grounding Meditation

Quite often when something truly amazing happens in our lives we feel as if we are walking without touching the ground, the invisible wings carrying us along… We might even say that it’s too good to be true or even worse, that we will have to pay for this joy eventually. And oh boy! More often than not when the good times are over and we touch the ground, we know it wasn’t meant to last that long and that we were right.

Well, I want to clear these misconceptions. Firstly, you don’t have to pay for joy, at the very least, you don’t pay for it with losses and suffering. A surge of emotions is just that, a surge, even if it’s a joyous one.

After every surge just like with water there are ripples, and a wave… To make sure that the wave doesn’t throw you onto an opposite shore of the sea you have to centre yourself in the moment of joy, in other words, you have to ground yourself.

Let’s use an analogy of the pendulum.
From a hermetic point of view, you can treat the forward motion of a pendulum as negative and the backward motion as positive for example. If you want more of the positive motion then you have to change the polarity and swing it quickly back from the negative. But in nature it is natural for you to go from the positive to the negative as a natural cycle e.g. happy and sad, high and low etc. You don’t need to focus on the centre all the time but you don’t want to spend too long one way either. You should be able to come back to the centre, ground and go backwards and forwards.

For us, humans, our centre is the centre of the mother earth. And grounding is the same as centering. There’s no need to be concerned about surges of your positive emotions, all you have to do is to come back to your centre, ground and centre yourself into the mother earth. Then your positive emotions will be beneficial to you instead of throwing you around, here and there, like a ship in the ocean on a stormy day.

To ground yourself doesn’t mean to be ignorant or unbeliever, it simply means to be in equilibrium, in balance with yourself, in contact with your centre, with your body and to stand firmly on your feet. People who know how to ground themselves and practice it daily, not only are not afraid to rejoice but also are more financially successful, healthy and balanced.

Ideally, you have to ground yourself every day, first thing in the morning and before going to sleep. And especially when you feel that something has unsettled you or got you out of balance.

Grounding also provides a very strong connection to your body because your body is your physical vehicle, your earth aspect. Our instincts, body’s memory, our senses and intuition are all earth’s attributes.

A person who is well connected with the earth, and thus with his body, is less likely to accidentally trip or fall, or step on a snail on the pavement or take a turn into a road where there’s a rage. As the subconscious knows exactly where you should and shouldn’t go. And your body knows that too.

There’s something that you should know. In order to hear the signals from the body we have to be in sufficient contact with it. It happened to me on quite a few occasions when I was going to put my food down and paid attention to where it had to go, avoiding accidents and falls. It also happens quite often when I catch things that fall faster than I can consciously react. This is only possible when you are well centered and grounded.

How can you ground yourself?
Firstly, you have to remember, where your attention goes, that’s where your energy flows. If you want to establish contact with your body and the mother earth you have to learn how to feel both. You can spend a few minutes meditating and observing your body, which parts of your body feel heavier, which muscles are more relaxed, how your breath moves. The more you listen to your body, the better your contact with it will be. However, if you haven’t established contact with your body for a long time, it will take some practice, it won’t happen overnight.

I want to share with you my grounding and protection meditation that I do every morning and evening. It has many benefits: it will make you feel grounded, centred and protected, your focus and concentration will improve, you will get more done in less time, you will feel safer and fell that you belong, even if you are alone. It will keep your energy from being drained, you will feel less anxious and fearful.

You can download Grounding Meditation in English, Russian or Lithuanian from the link below.

In my Grounding Meditation I’ve used the analogy of an anchor. To me, life resembles an ocean and us – captains of our ships. I hope you enjoy it.


The other way to ground yourself is walking barefoot, lying on the ground and touching it with your hands. It works best when it’s done with awareness, listening to the earth. If it’s cold outside and you can’t walk barefoot, imagine the floor being part of the earth.

The third method is when you imagine that the roots grow from the soles of your feet and go deep into the mother earth. You can inhale the energy of the earth through the roots, up into your feet and into your abdomen, your main energy centre. And you can exhale tiredness and anxiety back into the earth.

There are more ways to ground, for example having root vegetables, although any food is good as it makes you aware of your body while you are eating. Exercising, being around animals, gardening, standing against or hugging a tree 🙂  are all good methods to ground yourself. Do it as often as you can.

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