Distant Energy Healing - Frequently Asked Questions

  • q-iconHow do I know if distant healing sessions are right for me?

    There are many different types of healing available. You may be drawn to one in particular, depending on the problem you are trying to solve. The right people have a habit of coming into our lives at the right time. If you feel drawn to distant healing with Lijana then trust that life has guided you to this place.

  • q-iconHow many distant energy healing sessions will I need?

    Distant energy healing is offered in the course of 5 sessions for maximum results. Everyone’s situation is different, and it depends on what problem you’re trying to resolve. You’ll usually start feeling benefits after the first session, but for long-standing or chronic conditions it may need more time. Many clients also like to have a course of sessions every three or six months as a preventative measure.

  • q-iconHow should I prepare for a session?

    We will let you know when healing sessions will start and when they will be completed. Sessions are carried out in the evenings, around or after 10 pm GMT and at that time you’d likely be in bed and most probably asleep. It’s best to feel relaxed and fall asleep and allow healing energy and your body to do its work throughout the night. Healing doesn’t stop after the session is over, and it’s essential that you are aware of that.

  • q-iconWhat will I experience?

    You may experience some sensations or nothing at all, either way, it’s okay. Everyone is different. You might feel tingling, heat or coolness. Some people experience a surge of energy in the morning as blockages are removed, and energy starts to flow freely. Some physical pain may be felt in the weakest parts of the body as blockages are being released, but this is a good kind of pain that brings relief later on, and you shouldn’t panic. It would help if you tried to get more sleep and rest in the evenings.

  • q-icon Do I have to believe in something?

    No, you do not have to believe in anything, though it helps to have an open mind and trust that healing energy and your body know what they are doing. Your mind is the only thing that can stand in your way. It’s best to allow and trust.
    Once you experience positive changes, you will be more open to alternative ways of healing.

  • q-icon What can I expect after the session?

    In the morning, you might feel at peace and experience lightness in the body and relief from pain. You may also feel more positive, more energetic and notice that your productivity and focus have increased. You might have more energy throughout the day. However, everyone is different, and if you don’t experience immediate results after the first session, it will come in the due course.

  • q-iconIs healing safe?

    Yes, healing is safe. Strict and professional guidelines are observed, and healing is carried out for your highest good.

  • q-iconWhen will I feel an improvement?

    You should feel some level of improvement after the first session and after every other session after that.

  • q-iconCan you do your sessions on Skype?

    No, we don’t offer sessions over skype. The sessions are carried out late in the evenings to allow your body to continue healing throughout the night to maximise the results. You must be comfortable and preferably asleep.

  • q-iconAre you insured?

    Lijana has professional indemnity insurance for all services that she provides.

  • q-iconHow does payment work?

    We require payment in full at the time of booking, payable by PayPal or credit card via Paypal page. Once the payment has been received, we will contact you within 24 hours to confirm your booking and  ask a few questions. 

  • q-iconWhat if I wish to cancel my booking?

    We will do our best to accommodate you on a different date. However, if you change your mind and you want to cancel we ask you to give us 24 hours notice for a full refund.

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