Overcome Chronic Fatigue
& Take Your Energy to a New Level
with E.N.E.R.G.Y. Coaching Program

Energy Coaching with Lijana is a journey of self-discovery, sometimes accompanied by manifestations and the feeling of energy pouring through your body. It's about reclaiming your power, rebuilding your faith and confidence, awakening to the truth and taking control of your energy and health. It's empowering, revealing and rewarding.

The coaching that Lijana provides is not therapy. Therapy is about the past - healing wounds. Coaching is about the future. It's about creating a future that's different from the future that would have arrived by default if you had no coach and no sense of creativity and no commitment.  It's a process of self-discovery wherein you find the solutions to what is holding you back.

Lijana has combined energy tools and techniques that she used to transform herself to accelerate your awakening and energy transformation. The support that you receive is encouraging, and the transformation is enlightening. There's one thing that she requires you to have before considering her coaching, and that is to be ready and committed to this extraordinary journey.
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You're work in progress, so what progress have you made so far to increase your energy and improve your health? And what progress are you making right now to ensure you stay in good health and vibrant energy in the future?

The most important thing in your life will always be your energy. You can call it your health, but your health is a result of your energy: your spiritual, mental, emotional and physical energy. Your success in life is a result of how you manage, optimise and maximise your energy. Time is limited but Energy doesn't have to be.

Changing your life and reinventing yourself isn't too complicated unless you make it complicated. It's never too late to change your lifestyle, your habits and your energy and achieve your dreams.

Lijana has changed her life and reinvented herself on a number of occasions, changing countries, habits, careers, circle of friends were all part of her transformation and her personal and spiritual growth.

Lijana has the heart to help, encourage and motivate folks of all ages and ethnic groups. She finds it easy to stay connected to her clients. Lijana is dedicated to coaching people in identifying what energies are holding them back causing an imbalance in their body or their life, what energies have to leave and what has to stay and working through that to achieve energy balance and good health.

She began the path of transformation and personal growth in her twenties when she started working in property and realised that property is not just brick and mortar, it's about people and the more she helped people to get what they wanted the more rewarded and fulfilled she was.

Her challenging life's journey helped her to discover the concepts, realities and benefits of balanced energy within the human physical, mental and emotional make-up.
She is now coaching others and with the help of her team of experts she's helping in her clients' awakening and healing process and in realising their true potential.

Energy Coaching is for you IF YOU:

  • tired of feeling fatigued, anxious and stressed all of the time
  • want to be healthy, strong and have unlimited energy but don’t know how to achieve that
  • want to heal your body and mind
  • want to have a healthy lifestyle
  • want to cut out self-destructive habits
  • want to shift your thinking and expand your choices
  • want to get your power back
  • want to succeed in life and fulfil your potential
  • don't have a lot of time to waste
  • looking for support and guidance
  • have a vision but no clear plan
  • feeling stuck and not able to move forward
  • feeling lost and don't know what to do with your life
  • your self-confidence could use a boost
  • need a coach to motivate you and hold you accountable
  • don't always follow through

Coaching is TEAM work

E.N.E.R.G.Y. Coaching is 4 weeks (can be extended as required) program where you will receive 60mins weekly coaching sessions and two weeks of comprehensive energy healing sessions that will accelerate your spiritual and physical transformation.

What results to expect?

If you are committed and put in the effort, you can expect:

  • Energy, health and life transformation
  • Mind opening information
  • Stronger immunity and resilience to disease
  • Improved focus, concentration and motivation
  • Clarity of goals and organisation skills
  • More confidence and improved self image
  • Better relationships and more self love
  • Improved work/life balance
  • New habits and discipline

And much more...

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