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Effects of Covid-19 Pandemic on Root Chakra

Effects of Covid-19 Pandemic on Root Chakra

The first level of consciousness corresponds to the Muladhara – root chakra and the etheric body. This energy-informational level contains all information from the moment of conception. The ethereal energies of the fetus are made up of the father’s and mother’s ethereal (vital) energies and their love for each other.

At this level, a mother’s love or hatred for the child in the womb is stored. Did she want him? Was she looking forward to his arrival? Hardly anyone can remember how they shrank in the womb at the mother’s thought of an abortion.

Although it is impossible to remember, this information is always with a person. It is stored at the level of the Muladhara, root chakra and the etheric body in the depths of the unconscious, feeding fears and anxiety. The energies of striving for life and death, which are at this level, gradually develop and realize depending on what energies the mother develops in her child.

This level represents life and death, aggression and love and the ability to survive on the material plane.

The content on this level includes a significant layer of the unconscious and is characterized by a powerful inclination to fulfil desires and instinctive drives.

The unconscious part on this level functions throughout a person’s life. It includes both the fantasies and experiences of childhood and adolescence, as well as desires, drives and fantasies aimed at getting pleasure without delay.

Although this level of consciousness accumulates information that a person is largely unconscious of, under some circumstances, it can become conscious. The energy of the unconscious is able to move during sleep and become conscious as an image in a dream. If such a movement of unconscious energy occurs during wakefulness, it’s called hallucinations. Similarly, the energies of the unconscious can be realized in jokes.

Psychic energy aimed at gratifying instincts moves from the unconscious higher and higher, striving for realization. Realization is not always possible and a person can often stumble upon fears, moral attitudes, complexes and internal conflicts. Finding no realization and discharge, psychic energy shifts and forms a symptom. A symptom can manifest itself either in the form of a disease or in the form of obsessive actions and thoughts. Illness serves as a compromise between reality and the inner world of a person.

The development and purity of this level of consciousness determine the ability to be active, cheerful, content with the material position, able to transform and express their aggression within the social framework, to be healthy, viable, and be an optimist.

Characteristic features of workload and impurity of this level of awareness: fears, anxiety, greed, stubbornness, hunger, hoarding, waste, the desire to possess material goods at any cost, envy, phobias, frequent traumatization, attempts at suicide, sadomasochism.

This level has the character of a child’s consciousness, which stores information unchanged. Effects and experienced stresses remain in this field in the form of symbols, images and are stored there until the end of life.

The covid-19 pandemic had a major impact on most people energy systems.

Effects of Covid-19 Pandemic
By inflicting fear and uncertainty, by limiting and driving businesses to closure, by imposing restrictions and destroying material welfare for the people, people are traumatized and it has a huge effect on the root chakra. It gets out of balance, the energy gets overloaded and diseases set in.

Problems can be experienced in the legs, prostate, urinary tract, frequent infectious diseases, psoriasis, diabetes, anorexia, bulimia, enuresis (repeated inability to control urination), decreased immunity and shutting off human development.

When working with a client suffering from physical ailments, I always pay attention to the purification and activation of the Muladhara, root chakra, since it is this chakra that is the storehouse of vital energy and health. Fear blocks vital energy from entering the organs. The energy-informational formation of fear forms a symptom. It’s important to recognise the imbalance of the root chakra and get some help. You can book a healing session with me HERE.

While the news continues flashing Covid numbers, nobody talks about suicide and divorce rates in the last three years.

Looking at Statista the top 10 antidepressant drugs dispensed in England in 2020, were at 77, 602,00 units. At the top is Sertraline Hydrochloride, with 18,575, 811 units. It’s used to treat depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, panic attacks and posttraumatic stress disorder.

The pharmaceutical industry is booming, from vaccines, tests and the drugs that treat the symptoms of the aftermath of Covid and vaccines.

Do people who are involved in this have healthy and balanced base chakras? No, since they are driven by greed and desire for monetary gain at any cost.

You can develop the Muladhara, root chakra and the etheric body by understanding and processing your fears, learning to accept and express your aggression within acceptable limits, getting rid of hoarding and greed. It is advisable to exercise, shower under hot and cold water interchangeably, ground and protect yourself every day.

Click HERE for grounding and protection meditation. Stay healthy and be safe.


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