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Effect of Geophatic Stress on Body’s Energy System

Property purchase for many people is the biggest investment they will ever make. It can provide a comfortable retirement in later years, often in a warm climate, overseas. When looking for a property to buy, we shop around and carefully consider many criteria such as purchase price, neighbourhood, schools, amenities, transport links, green spaces, the age of the property, whether it’s a freehold or a leasehold, if it’s in a good state of repair etc.

However, there’s a hidden danger that most people are not aware of when purchasing a property. When present, it can impact their health and have many negative effects on their life. This article will explain what this hidden danger is and what to do if you are affected by it.

In the previous blog posts I wrote about Ley lines, the system of energy streams across the globe and how our ancestors used these energies for healing and I also wrote about twelve peculiar vortices, where the pull of the Earth’s electromagnetic waves is stronger than anywhere else and where unexplained mysteries occur. It clearly demonstrates planetary grid at work, an intelligent, geometric pattern into which the energies of the earth are organised, some are very good and others detrimental.

Let me introduce the term that is also linked with the earth’s energy, called Geomancy. It is also known as the art of divination, using various tools to access the hidden knowledge, mostly by connecting to the energy of the earth in order to identify areas of goepathic stress. “Geo”- meaning of the earth and “pathology” – all the conditions, processes or results of a particular disease.

The first written documents about geopathogenic radiation that causes geopathic stress go back to the period 2205– 2197 BC. In that period the Chinese emperor Kung Yu issued a decree which said: “No residential building may be built before a diviner decides that there are no Earth Ghosts on a building parcel”.
Unfortunately, that’s not the case today. Unless you are aware of geopathic stress, inspect the land and build a house yourself, you will not know until you start living at the property.  And if you work in an office that’s in an area of intense geopathogenic radiation, you might not even think of that and attribute your health issues to stress at work. Luckily today, you are probably working from home and hopefully your home is in a safe zone.


The first discovery of these global networks of energy radiating from earth’s core that have similar properties to electromagnetic waves was made in 1960’s by a German doctor Ernst Hartmann, who devoted most of his life to studying the relationship between disease and geopathogenic radiation. During his years in medical practice he carried out more than 15,000 studies and found that high percentage of deaths amongst his patients were directly related to having lived for a long time in areas with intense geopathogenic radiation. His work on interaction between the soil, human body and climate lead to foundation of Geobiology Studies Group and science of Geobiology.

Dr Hartmann discovered three dimensional square grids that run from magnetic North to South and East to West. These are spaced in imperial measurements 5ft 5inches apart with invisible vertical lines that are like invisible radioactive partitions between 6-10 inches apart. Stress on organism occurs when two lines cross and create a ‘Hartmann Knot’ of geopathic stress.
Sleeping in the vicinity of these crossings, double negative lines, which repeat at intervals of approximately 115ft have been known to cause nervous disturbances, migraines, rheumatism, cancer, heart failure, chronic asthma and sleep issues. Seismic activity from earthquakes can distort the grid and there can be a 50% increase in radioactivity from the Earth at these crossing points too.

After researching strange unexplained symptoms in their patients, Dr. Curry and Dr. Whitman discovered ‘Curry Lines’. A three dimensional grid that is diagonal to the ‘Hartmann grid’ and runs 45 degrees to north. This means the lines repeat SW to NE at 8ft intervals and SE to NW at 9ft intervals. They crossover every 164ft with the lines being approximately 2ft wide and are called double negative lines. The double negative points are considered to cause more harm to organisms than Hartmann Knots and can cause sleep problems, depression and other nervous system reactions.

There can be a particularly noticeable amplification of geopathic stress when the Curry Grid and Hartmann Knots coincide. Both Hartman and Curry grid are most intense at night time, especially during full moon.
One point to note is that Hartman Lines are the energies that are coming from the radiation of the earth and Curry lines are external energies coming from cosmic influences (origins) that include the moon and other external cosmic influences.

There are also other similar grids like the ‘Broad Curry’ grid that is 30 degrees from north. And one grid that is interestingly marked by megaliths, holy wells, chapels, hill forts and oak trees and has very wide intervals of 410ft and is called the ‘Positive Double-Curry’ and lies 20 degrees off north.

There are some immediate signs that you should pay attention to but these are almost impossible to spot when you don’t know what you’re looking for. Nature works in mysterious ways and can give us many clues. Some creatures like ants, wasps and lady bugs love gathering and nesting in geophatic stress zones. Cats love it too but dogs avoid it while farm animals are very sensitive to it and if kept for too long can get sick very quickly.

If you find out that you’ve been affected by pathogenic stress, the first thing you should do is to protect your property since you live there and then protect and heal yourself. Sometimes moving your bedroom into another room might solve the problem but it’s not always the case and you might have to call out professionals to do their job. Have a look at the video in this post that gives some information about technology that’s available today enabling nullification of harmful radiation and protection of your home. If you’ve been affected and your health has suffered, you can book distant energy healing sessions with me that will speed up your recovery. Your health is in your hands!



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