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Feel relief from fatigue, anxiety and stress with Distant Energy Healing

What is Distant Energy Healing?

Distant Energy Healing is energy therapy through the distance affecting the Biofield first. Talking about the Biofield is essential when trying to explain Distant Energy Healing.
The Biofield is the field of energy and information surrounding every living thing, including your body. The idea that the Biofield is fundamental to the organism is scientifically testable. Your body emits and absorbs energy and is also an antenna capable of sensing extremely low-level energies.

The Biofield cannot be reduced to a single part, so it is a holistic concept, not a mechanistic one. The energy fields within and around the living organism are fundamental to life, they regulate the biochemistry and physiology of the body, and this was nature's original wireless biocommunication system. It is the bridge between the mind and the body. When we think or change our minds, the energy shifts and then the body slowly changes physically.

There is clear, objective evidence that hands-on and remote healing goes beyond any notion of placebo because there are effects on organisms that are not conscious about these therapies being performed on them (pets is a good example).

How does Distant Energy Healing work?

Distant Energy healing works similarly as hands-on healing except that it's done when a client is not physically present.
Our intention, awareness and emotions can change the biofield. For example, science has shown that when we think about a sick person in our lives and think about putting our hands to comfort that person, enhanced light is emitted from our hands. Imagine, when a healer sets an intention to heal and focuses her mind and energy on a client and when a client sets their intention to receive healing and improve their state of health, significant changes occur.

Did you know?

When a pet looses a companion, two or four-legged, he grieves much like we do. They may become depressed and listless, have a decreased appetite and decline to play, sleep more than usual and move more slowly, sulking around. When signs of grief become evident, you can help your pet by booking distant energy healing sessions.

What does Distant Energy Healing help with?

Physical, mental and emotional exhaustion - Burnout
Physical and emotional pain
Weakened body systems and organs
Pre and post operation
Depression and anger
Fear and stress
Anxiety and panic attacks
Anxiety before exams
Emotional distress suffered due to breakups
Lack of motivation and satisfaction in life
Negative thinking and feeling
Abuse and trauma
Grief and loss
Energy blocks
Chronic fatigue
Lack of energy
Psychic attacks
Body aches and pains
Signs of ageing

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What happens next?

  • Once you've paid for your session(s), we will get in touch with you via email within 24 hours.
  • If this is your first time, you will receive a few questions related to your health and your current condition.
  • Sessions usually start within a week.
  • You will be able to communicate with Lijana via email.
  • If you haven't had a Distant Energy Healing session before and would like to try it out first, we recommend you book a taster session.

How many sessions do you need?

Distant Energy Healing is offered in a block of five sessions and is carried out over zoom. Group sessions are great if you have a busy lifestyle since you don't have to be present. They are carried out in the mornings so that you can feel the effects during the day.
Recommended once every three months for energy maintenance, prevention of disease and optimal wellbeing.
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