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Colour Therapy For Self Healing

colour therapy

To very early human beings, colour and light was of profound importance since their very existence was regulated by light and dark – much as animals still are today. Colour has a great deal to offer and can be found all around us in nature.

Colour therapy is one of the oldest treatments on the planet. It dates back thousands of years to the ancient civilisations of Egypt, India and China.

The ancient Egyptians, Romans, Greeks and other major cultures have recognised the potential healing powers of colour and made significant medical uses of it. The Egyptians used colour healing in their temples by focusing sun rays that shone through coloured gems, such as sapphires and rubies, onto people in colour healing rooms. They used to colour diagnose the sick and then heal them using colour therapy.

The first documented evidence of healing with solar light stems back to Ancient Greece. Heliopolis, the Greek city of the sun, was famous for its healing temples, where the spectral components of colours were used for specific medical problems. Colour, as a manifestation of light, held a therapeutic, as well as divine meaning for these historical cultures.

Chinese also had specific attachments to colour and the meaning of it. Colour served to imitate the cosmic order on earth symbolically. From the second millennium BC, Chinese used colour to indicate cardinal directions, seasons, the cyclical passage of time, and the internal organs of the human body. Colour is regarded as cosmic energy Chi that can shape energy and destiny.

Colour is all around us and it should be incorporated into our everyday life.

Businesses are now accepting that their employees work better given a particular environment and colour is being utilised more. Hospitals and prisons have for some time been aware of the effect that the colour of the decor in these buildings can have on their patients and prisoners, respectively.

Paint companies have also introduced new colour cards with therapeutic aspects of colour in mind. Cosmetic companies too have “colour therapy” ranges included in their product lists.

The common understanding of the seven colours descends from Isaac Newton’s (1643 – 1727) famous prism experiments. He proved that visible light is made up of seven colours and introduced the term “colour spectrum”.  The following is a description of Newton’s first experiment with colours in his own words: “In a very dark chamber, at a round hole, about one-third part of an inch broad, made in the shut of a window, I placed a glass prism, whereby the beam of the Sun’s light, which came in that hole, might be refracted upwards toward the opposite wall of the chamber, and there form a coloured image of the sun.”

The electromagnetic (EM) spectrum is a name that scientists give to different types of radiation when they want to talk about them as a group. Radiation is energy that travels and spreads out as it goes – visible light that comes from a lamp in a house or radio waves that come from a radio station are two types of electromagnetic radiation. Other examples of EM radiation are microwaves, infrared and ultraviolet light, X-Rays and gamma rays.

The spectrum of visible light is electromagnetic radiation at wavelengths, which a human eye can see. We perceive this radiation as colours ranging from red (longer wavelengths: ~ 700 nanometers) to violet (shorter wavelengths: ~ 400 nanometers) as illustrated below.

One thing that we notice when we start learning about energy centers called chakras is that each of them corresponds to a particular colour. Starting at the base chakra that corresponds to colour red, the sequence follows the same order as the colours of the rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.

When studying at university in London I wrote my final dissertation in studying the rainbow in mathematics and physics. It was a starting point in me recognising the connection of a rainbow with chakras that lead me onto a spiritual and healing path.
If you are interested to learn more, purchase my e-book “The Truth Behind Rainbows“.

To achieve good health and wellbeing and for energy to flow freely energy centers (chakras) should be open and balanced. If some chakras are closed or blocked, it affects the organs, and it can cause instability in some areas of life as well as emotional issues.

Holistic nature of colour therapy addresses issues on all levels of our being. It helps to stimulate and re-balance energy by application of the appropriate colour to the body and therefore re-balance chakras.

Babies first experience colour in the womb where they are enclosed in soft and comforting pink, the colour of heart chakra linked to love. Throughout life, positive and negative experiences make impressions in our psyche, and we build up prejudices to colours that have happy, sad or frightening connotations.

Strong colour preferences can indicate possible problems and using appropriate colours in therapy helps to remove negative feelings, release energy blocks and re-balance body emotionally, spiritually and in turn, physically.

Different types of colour therapy include Solarized Water, Lightboxes with colour filters, colour silks and hands-on healing using colour. I use coloured films wrapped around small water bottles and placed in the sun, charging water with different frequencies.

Healing properties of colour can also be incorporated at home. Painting a bedroom in a soft blue gives a calming effect and helps with insomnia.

Colour therapy is holistic and non-invasive and is safe and helpful for both humans and animals and it can be used either on its own or alongside any other therapy.

Colour energy is absorbed through our electromagnetic field (aura), our eyes and skin. The varying wavelengths of individual colours resonate with the different wavelengths of the various energy centers in the body.

The energy field or aura of the body can be seen using a Kilner Screen invented by Dr W.J. Kilner at St. Thomas Hospital in London. This technique showing our energy field and its colours can tell us a lot about our state of health, both physical and emotional.

Pictures can also be taken of the energy fields around the hands and feet using the high frequency electrical method known as Kirlian Photography, which was invented by the Russians Semyon and Valentina Kirlian.

Below is my aura picture that was taken during one of the readings in Covent Gardens, London. Did you have your aura picture taken?

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