Are You Struggling with Chronic Fatigue?

With Chinese Medicine you may put your fatigue to rest for good

Tired of feeling tired?

Have you been feeling fatigued for months and don’t know what’s causing it? Do you wake up tired in the morning and have trouble concentrating at work? Have you noticed that your appetite has decreased and your body feels heavy a lot of the time?
Fatigue can be a symptom of many illnesses and there are many theories out there but treating only the symptom of chronic fatigue and not the root cause can potentially lead to unnecessary and prolonged suffering.

Acupuncture treatments have been found to be effective for chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) (Ref 1) and when combined with herbs the symptoms will improve by 70 - 80% in the first 1-1½ months and in the next 1½-2 months, the remaining 20 - 30% of the symptoms will go away. (Ref 2).

The pinnacle of the E.N.E.R.G.Y. Formula is the Yin and the Yang. These two forces act in the human body the same way as they do throughout the universe as a whole. Disease or physical disharmony is caused by imbalance of these two forces in the body, and the goal of Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is to bring the Yin and the Yang back into balance with each other, thus restoring you back to health.

Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Aniston, and Michael Phelps have been publicly speaking about the benefits of TCM in their lives. With pharmaceutical medicine being the fourth leading cause of death according to the CDC, more people are looking for alternative and natural healing.


Meet Yan Li, Your Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner

High success rates 

Yan Li has 15 years of clinical experience as a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner in the UK. She specialises in herbal medicine and traditional acupuncture which she uses to treat a wide range of conditions. Her treatments have a high success rates and her article "Clinical Application of Tendency Differentiation and Treatment" including a successful healing case of hair loss and chronic diarrhoea has been published in "The Journal of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture", Volume 23, Issue 1 on 25th March, 2016.

Holistic Methods 

In addition to acupuncture she uses the best quality herbs sourced from Taiwan, cupping and moxibustion and will advise you on lifestyle changes, such as diet, exercise, stress management and improving your sleep habits that will enhance your treatment success.

Yan Li is a qualified TCM Practitioner 

Yan is a member of Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture and has BSc in Traditional Chinese Medicine obtained in China.
She has a variety of interests, including Tai Chi, Yoga, meditation, music, aromatherapy and crystal healing.

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What happens next?

If this is your first time, we suggest you book an initial consultation. Once you've made the payment, Yan Li will contact you by e-mail within 24 hours to arrange a time for your session. During your initial consultation, which lasts 45minutes, you will be asked to answer some questions and carry out some checks (this is limited via zoom).
Personalised herbs program is included in your initial consultation. Treatments are usually a combination of acupuncture, cupping and moxibustion, depending on your needs. However, you can request any one of these treatment options when you book your session.
Home visits are available and Covid rules apply.