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With Over 2100 Toxic Chemicals in Drinking Water – You Need a Pure Water Filter

Did you know that the Ralph Nader Research Institute estimates that there are over 2100 toxic chemicals in our drinking water, some cause cancer.With drinking water like this is it any reason that millions are turning to pure water filters to make sure their water is pure to drink. A pure water filter will greatly improve the quality of your drinking water.

It’s scandalous really. Every citizen should have a right to clean drinking water. In some countries dirty drinking water is fatal. Right now in Zimbabwe drinking water is killing hundreds or thousands of people who contract cholera. The problem isn’t that bad in the US, however if your drinking water is contaminated with 2100 toxic chemicals, some causing cancer, it could be killing you slowly.

The disease rates in our society are increasing. By the 1900s an individual had a 1 in 50 chance of getting cancer, now it’s 1 in 3. Whilst it’s impossible to prove that the cause of this is our drinking water, and it’s unlikely that this could be the sole cause anyway, it’s certainly likely that the proliferation of chemicals and other contaminants in our drinking water is contributing to this explosion in the rates of disease, and cancer, in our society. And it explains the explosion in the use of pure water filters as well.

It’s a simple equation. There are over 80,000 synthetic chemicals in use in our society. Not much is known about many of them. And when they are used in a product, for example, many of them end up in landfill or somewhere else where contaminants like heavy metals can leach into the water. And even if this is into the ground water, which is not immediately used for drinking water, these chemicals may still end up in our drinking water.

Because water is just reused and recycled. The environment doesn’t create water. It just cycles it around and around. So our water is used, discarded, evaporated, rains on us and ends up in our water storages as drinking water and is used again.

And as many of these toxic chemicals do not break down or disappear, once they are in our water they remain there and are joined by others. So it goes on and the load of toxic substances in our water builds up. Just about any chemical that is in use in our society will eventually end up in our drinking water.

And municipal water treatments are not designed to filter out these chemicals.

So the proliferation of water purification and water filtration systems. There are many ways to try and purify our drinking water. Pure water filter systems include whole house water filters, reverse osmosis water filtration, chlorine water purification, countertop water filtration, shower water filtration, faucet mounted water filters and more.

Water filtration is now big business, and the market for pure water filters is huge, with $billions spent by consumers trying to ensure that they are drinking clean water.

And the bottled water business is now big business too, with some of the biggest corporations, like Coca Cola, involved in selling bottled water, although there is little evidence that bottled water is any safer than tap water.

So what do you do if you’re worried about the safety of your drinking water and want to drink pure clean water? Study the test results. It is perfectly possible to test water filters to determine how much of each contaminant is filtered out. You can find studies that compare the results between different pure water filters comparing them on the percentage of each contaminant removed. And the best water filters should remove over 97% of those contaminants.

So it’s perfectly possible to compare different brands of water filters by the results they achieve.

And do you want to know a secret? The best pure water filter (by results) isn’t the most expensive one. How about that.

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