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What’s Really Going On Inside Your Body?

Find out with bioresonance body scanning

What is bioresonance body scanning?

Each part of your body emits a resonant frequency unique to that particular body part.

When parts of the body are not functioning properly, the resonance of the body part will emit a different frequency.

A bioresonance body scanner uses this information to create a report that tells us the health of each part of your body, including parts that aren’t functioning properly.

What device do you use to do body scanning?

I use a body scanning device called Biomedis Bris. Your body scan results are then sent to a medical professional, who can recommend programs to improve your health.

I also recommend a device called Biomedis Trinity, for those interested in continuing to improve their health outside of sessions.

You can request a health scan for an extra fee at the start of your first session with me, and again on your last.

Why use bioresonance body scanning?

It gives us insight into what’s really going on inside your body and systems. It’s all well and good enjoying the bliss of energy healing, but I’m the kind of person who likes to see measurable results. How else will we know if it’s working?

What does body scanning tell me?

It gives an overview of your health and energy state. It tells you:

  • The general state of your health
  • The state of all your systems and organs
  • PH coefficient balance
  • How much external factors are damaging your health
  • Allergies
  • Energy centres and their size
  • Your exhaustion level

This helps us plan how best to improve your health during your therapy sessions.

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Bioresonance body scanning in Putney, Wandsworth