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A Fresh Start For Your Mind, Body & Soul

3-in-1 therapy for busy people, combining Detox, Acupressure & Reiki
to free your body from stress, pain and illness and give you a new lease of life

Run down with chronic tiredness, low energy, and backache? You’re in the right place

Remember the last time you went to visit your GP? You got a short time to explain why you came, a quick referral or prescription and were sent on your way...
“Next please!”

But you deserve more than that, right? You need more than that...

Because when you think about it, health isn’t just about a couple of painkillers. It shouldn’t be about treating one symptom with medication, and the side effects of that with another medication, and another, and another until you lose track of what was wrong in the first place!

It’s about getting to the root of the problem.

It’s about taking the time to dig a little deeper and figuring out what caused your symptoms to begin with - whether it’s diet, lifestyle or the emotions behind it - and then taking steps to target the root directly.

That’s exactly what my 3-in-1 system is designed to do for you. It’s a system I used to cure my own body from stress and pain when nobody else could help, and it’s one I’m successfully using to bring relief to others too.

Olga Noel, 69 Olga Noel, 69

I can sit in a lotus posture and exercise again.

I had treatment sessions with Lijana to deal with pain in both knees. I couldn’t bend them properly, I had difficulty getting up from a chair and going up and down the stairs. Pain has affected my sleep, I was getting up every two hours from pain in my back while breathing and I was constantly hungry before going to bed.

It was so good to feel pain and blockages being released and removed and I really enjoyed my sessions.

I would recommend Lijana to anyone who’s suffering back or knee pain - she’s made my life so much easier.

Vineta Vaza, 43 Vineta Vaza, 43

I thought I was destined to live with my pain forever...

I felt lighter and more balanced after each session and as pain was getting less it was giving me a new perspective on life and my health.

I had treatments with Lijana to resolve pain in both of my knees for over 4 years and headaches I’d been suffering from for 25 years.

My energy levels have improved and I’m more optimistic about further improving my health than I’ve ever been before. I am very glad that I met Lijana.

It seems I’ve forgotten that I ever had pain.

Jalal Miah, 48 Jalal Miah, 48

I felt as if I had a glass of champagne.

I was very pleased when it only took one session to remove pain in my neck, shoulders and upper back, which I had for four months. The pain had started to radiate to my arms and it was getting very uncomfortable, but I got up after my first session and I felt no pain.

Lijana followed up with me a few times to ask how I was doing and give advice on grounding myself, as I felt as if I had a glass of champagne. The pain didn’t come back.

Lijana is very intuitive, friendly and welcoming. I definitely recommend her.

Mila Favia, 32 Mila Favia, 32

I found the health scan informative and helpful.

Thank you Lijana for the in-depth advice. I will definitely be buying the bio correction and detox device. Seeing the results of other clients that you have shared with me gave me so much hope that I can also restore my health to its norm and balance.

Now I understand why I’m lacking energy and have fatigue most of the time, but I know how to correct it now. Thank you for this innovative service.

Nijole Jasiuleviciene, 67 Nijole Jasiuleviciene, 67

I feel as if I have grown wings!

It was a pleasure to receive such professional therapy treatments. It was very interesting and informative. The pain in my back and joints has reduced a lot. You gave me so much good advice on exercises and detox too. I found that your acupressure technique is a very important part of the treatment.

I’m very grateful to have been recommended to see you. I look forward to your next visit to Lithuania and will come for treatments again. With love and respect.

Tom Hung , 55 Tom Hung , 55

I could express myself freely and felt comfortable to do so.

I suffered from pain in my neck and problems with indigestion and heartburn. My energy wasn’t as high as it used to be but I put it down to my age. I work long hours and have a family to take care of.

Lijana explained many things about energy, detox and gave me very good practical advice. Pain in my neck started to reduce during the first session and was totally relieved after three sessions.

Relax while 3-in-1 Detox, Acupressure & Reiki get to the very bottom of your problems.

You’ll feel safe and welcome in my relaxing home environment in Putney, Wandsworth. Together, we can explore what’s going on for you while detoxing your body. You can then unwind and experience the relief of acupressure, the bliss of Reiki, and leave feeling refreshed, energised and ready to take on the world.

Ready to Say Goodbye to Pain, Hello to Better Focus at Work and YES to More Energy for Family Time?

Complete the form for a FREE consultation. I will listen carefully to your health concerns, take time to understand what you’re going through and discuss how I can help you.


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3-in-1 sessions are priced at £100 for a 90 minute session.
Or take advantage of my special offer and get 5 sessions for the price of 4.

Acupressure Practitioner, Theta Healing Practitioner, Reiki Master, Life & Spiritual Coach. Providing energy medicine therapy in South West London.